Tuesday, July 05, 2005


While the American press produces much valuable journalism, and while some reporters are hardworking, intelligent and fearless, Citizen Cain believes that mainstream media outlets produce a large amount of weak, biased and sloppy journalism. Citizen Cain further believes that the right-wing in this country has successfully created a climate in which a journalist will face less criticism for attacking liberals than conservatives, and more ridicule for accepting uncritically the talking points of liberals than conservatives. Since the average journalist is as conformist and fearful of power as the average waitress or banker, and his employers probably more so, the state of discourse in this country has degenerated, distorted by an eagerness to diminish progressive voices and to flatter conservatives.

The current state of journalism in this country is so poor that an ordinary citizen, armed only with the ability to read carefully and to reason logically, can spot conservative bias in much journalistic product. Citizen Cain is such a citizen, and hereby pledges to make a humble contribution to the political conversation in this country by scrutinizing mainstream media for bias and for poor reasoning in the service of conformity to power. Citizen Cain expects to find a lot of conservative bias, but where liberal bias appears, Citizen Cain will expose that too.

Since Citizen Cain must work for a living, this blog will not attempt a comprehensive review of daily journalism, but rather will focus (but not exclusively) on punditry in mainstream media outlets. While the conservative media have grown in power, it is still the mainstream media (incorrectly called the "liberal media") that has the most influence. Accordingly, Citizen Cain will pay closer attention to the New York Times and MSNBC than to the Washington Times and Fox News. Also, this blog will focus on punditry that touches on areas where Citizen Cain has a little bit more knowledge than the average citizen-- foreign policy, federal budgets, and environmental policy.

I hope you enjoy this blog.