Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Republicans Have Really Degenerated. To Richard Cohen, They're Almost as Bad as Democrats

In today's Washington Post, "liberal" lion Richard Cohen describes how the White House is trying to signal to the Republican right-wing to back off its criticism of the potential appointment of Alberto Gonzalez and let the President make his own choice. Then he serves up this bit of wisdom:
Clearly, Karl Rove and others were sensing that the GOP was beginning to look like the Democratic Party -- obligated to one special-interest group after another and to hell with the general public.

Wow. I guess we can be thankful that the Republicans are only "beginning" to look like the Democrats. Just imagine how terrible it would be if they were as bad as those nasty Dems. I wonder what the GOP would have to do before a liberal columnist could say that they actually as bad as or worse that the Democrats. Citizen Cain would have thought that it might be enough to give oil, coal, gas, and nuclear interests a dominant role in developing the administration's energy plan, to put the interests of pharmaceutical companies and HMOs above the interests of seniors and taxpayers in the prescription drug bill, to abandon free trade principles when it's politically advantageous or when industry supporters want you to, and to let a former oil industry lobbyist re-write scientific reports on global warming.

But hey, at least they aren't giving away the store to minorities and labor unions. If Richard Cohen weren't around as a liberal columnist, the Right would have to invent him.