Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where is Scarborough Country? Where Ever Vacationing Americans Go Missing

On Monday's Scarborough Country, our host began the show like this:
Now, we've got a big night straight ahead for you, breaking news out of Aruba to a possible murder mystery in the Mediterranean. Plus, we're going to get you up to date on all the latest across SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY, where no passport's required and only common sense is allowed.

So the big night was devoted to a missing persons cases in Aruba and a Mediterranean cruise ship. And night after night, in recent months, it's been the same, with Joe Scarborough leading broadcast after broadcast with the news from Aruba, and increasingly, from other crime scenes as well.

It wasn't always so-- it started out as a show squarely focused on politics, and on bashing liberals in the culture war. It continues to do the latter, but the former is increasingly giving way to sensational crime stories. Now of MSNBC's five major evening programs, two, Scarborough Country and The Abrams Report are focused primarily on such fare. MSNBC is doing a disservice to viewers who expect to get news when they tune into an news channel.