Tuesday, August 09, 2005

David Kirby: Bring it On!

It has now been three weeks since I posted a refutation of David Kirby's article claiming that autism caseload is declining among young children in California. I have e-mailed him twice, asking if he will correct the record and state that in fact caseload is continuing to increase, or alternately, explain why his use of the data is defensible. I also have posted my interpretation of the data in the comments on the Kirby's Huffington Post article.

Shockingly, he hasn't responded, even though I have provided clear evidence that he has gotten the evidence backwards. Contrary to Kirby's claims, despite the significant reduction in the amount of thimerosal in vaccines, autism caseload among young children in California is continuing to rise. This is a pretty simple factual dispute-- I'm not asking Kirby to say that thimerosal doesn't cause autism. I just want him to admit that autism caseload among young children in California isn't decreasing.

Okay, so maybe he's been busy and hasn't read my e-mails. After all, prepping for an appearance with Tim Russert has got to be time consuming. But sincere people, whose only crime is their failure to read Citizen Cain (see previous post), are being mislead by Kirby's bogus interpretation of the California data.

So David Kirby, I'm calling you out. I hearby institute a David Kirby "chicken-out" watch. This is day one. Respond, either on the Huffington Post, or through an e-mail to me (which I promise to share in full with my vast audience), either by admitting that you were wrong or by explaining why you still think you're right. There is no disgrace in making a mistake, if you stand up and admit it. And if you don't think you made a mistake, well then, tell me where I'm making a mistake. Bring it on.