Friday, August 19, 2005

Hanson: Invade Gaza!

Is any major pundit worse that Victor Davis Hanson? For Citizen Cain’s money, no other regular contributor to a major newspaper matches Hanson’s special combination of crappy writing, pomposity, and loony world view. To read a smack down of Hanson for packing factual errors and plain hooey into his pretentious history lessons, click here.

Hanson, according to Harold Meyerson, is President Bush’s "favorite historian." Therefore, we have to pay attention to what he says.

In today’s Chicago Tribune, Hanson says that however bad the situation seems in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re better off there than in "Gaza, Iran and North Korea-- where the U.S. has let others handle the mess." Hanson writes so badly that it is frequently difficult to tell what he means or what he is proposing. This column, however, seems pretty clearly to be saying that the United States should eventually invade Gaza, Iran, and North Korea.

You see, bad things are happening in places that the United States hasn’t invaded, and we just can’t tolerate that.
For now, I doubt whether Palestinians, Iranians and North Koreans will be pacified by the deference of others. Sooner or later they may well have their own rendezvous with the quiet Americans now in the shadows.
U.S. foreign policy, under Condoleeza Rice’s stewardship, seems to be pulling back from the grand ambitions of the first Bush term, and adopting more modest goals and more multi-lateral, Kerry-esqe tactics. But Hanson is having none of it. Let’s keep invading until we’ve knocked off the entire axis of evil, he says, and the Palestinians too while we’re at it.

It isn’t clear yet whether Bush and Cheney are truly committed to a retrenched foreign policy. But surely they cannot be considering anything like what Hanson is proposing? Let’s hope that Bush has a new favorite historian.