Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Liberal Bias

For all the talk of liberal bias in the media, is there any cable news show host, or regular guest host, who could keep his job after saying that the Republicans are pathetic losers, and that he hopes that they will never win another election? Is there any who would even want to say it?

The current state of cable news allows conservative talkers to say things that a liberal could never get away with. Last night Monica Crowley was guest hosting on The Situation with Tucker Carlson on MSNBC. She was responding to voicemails left about previous shows.
JEFF, ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA: This is Jeff calling from Altoona, Pennsylvania and just watching Friday‘s show with Chuck Rangel from New York State and he typifies the reason why Democrats will never win a major election in this country in the foreseeable future because they‘re living in a fantasy world. You know they can‘t see the truth or anything that makes sense even if it bites them on the ear like Mike Tyson.

CROWLEY: All right, Jeff, I have to say I‘m with you 100 percent. We like Charlie Rangel. We‘re so glad he came on the program but the Democratic Party is suffering from a girth of ideas [sic-- she probably meant dearth] on Iraq, on the war on terror, on tax policy, on Social Security, so maybe if they could get their acts together they might start winning presidential elections. I don‘t want to see that happening, I‘m just saying . . .