Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cooper Blazes New Ground

How dumb can our public discourse get? Let Anderson Cooper show you. Last night on Newsnight with Aaron Brown, Cooper was discussing the grim task of recovering the dead from New Orleans. Here's what he had to say to the EMS worker he was interviewing

And do you -- you know, people refer to them a lot as "bodies" and "corpses." I
mean, they're not. They are people. They're our neighbors. They're our fellow

Cooper's profound insight: dead people are "people," not "corpses." Does it get any dumber than that? Yes, sadly, it does. They're not corpses, Cooper explained, because they're "our neighbors . . . our fellow countrymen." And if a German tourist was killed, would his body be a corpse, one wonders. Perhaps in death it would become a neighbor.

The discussion over whether it was offensive to refer to "refugees" of Katrina was ridiculous. But this sinks to a whole new level.