Monday, September 12, 2005

Media Matters versus the Washington Post

On Friday I discussed a story in Thursday’s Washington Post that provided some history on funding for the Army Corps of Engineers. The piece included the claim that “overall, the Bush administration's funding requests for the key New Orleans flood-control projects for the past five years were slightly higher than the Clinton administration's for its past five years.”

Media Matters has evaluated this claim, and found that:

In fact, the Clinton administration's budgets for 1996-2000 requested many times more money for the Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Protection program that the Post referenced than the Bush administration did for fiscal years 2002-2006, and Clinton also proposed significantly more federal money for other key flood-control projects in New Orleans and budgeted more money for the New Orleans district of the Army Corps of Engineers.
Who’s right? Washington Post, or Media Matters? Or are they both right? Or both wrong? We’ll check it out, and get back to you.