Friday, September 30, 2005

Those Vicious Democrats

Chris Matthews had Molly Ivins and Susan Molinari on last night to play Hardball. Topic-- the indictment of Tom DeLay. Here are Matthews' first five questions to Ivins.
Molly, why do Democrats hate Tom DeLay?
. . .
MATTHEWS: Well, you do. I mean, you're not—you're only one of them that hate him. What's this visceral contempt and anger against this guy?
. . .
MATTHEWS: Well, why do you—why do you—why do you really, deep down, really are thrilled at this defeat by the guy, the fact that he's lost his leadership, the fact that he's facing—he is indicted, facing trial? And, apparently, he's going to get mug-shotted. He is going to, God knows, go through the humiliation of arraignment and everything else. Why does that give you a giggle?
. . .
MATTHEWS: So, the guy has no moral compass whatsoever, but you have no problem with him personally?

Not stupid enough for you? Try his first question to Molinari:
MATTHEWS: . . . Am I wrong that Democratic liberals hate Tom DeLay?

Whether it's DeLay or Bush, it seems that "Democratic liberals" can't oppose anyone except for reasons of personal animus, visceral contempt, and anger. For reasons why people who aren't crazy with hatred might dislike Delay, click here. Also here. And here. Also, read the Hardball transcript. Ivins did great. Kicked Matthews's butt, and Molinari's too.