Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sully Explains

On Thursday, Citizen Cain asked Andrew Sullivan to clarify his sourcing is for the accusation that Donald Rumsfeld has demanded that underlings "break" or "destroy" Capt. Ian Fisback. Fishback has accused the Army of abusing Iraqi detainees.

Now, Sullivan blogs:
Obviously, I don't reveal sources, especially in a sensitive matter like this. But in this case, it behooves me to say that a very reliable source who has consistently provided very accurate information in the past gave me the information that a third party used the words attributed to him about Rumsfeld. I did not speak directly to the third party. Yesterday, I contacted the source again. The source does not retract the quote, which is attributed to a third party. But others I have since been in contact with, who are just as familiar with the situation, and one who is more so, differ and have said that the quote is unfair to Rumsfeld and that while Rumsfeld is following the case very closely, his view is not as extreme as that quote suggested; that he is merely paying very close attention to the case; and concerned about the accuracy of the accusations.

Strange how the prose style of this normally fine writer breaks down when he discusses this topic. But if I'm reading this correctly, Sullivan talked to a reliable source that heard someone else say that Rumsfeld said "break or destroy." But others "who are just as familiar with the situation" think that actually Rumsfeld is just interested in finding the truth. Hmm. Not exactly rock solid.