Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Brokeback

It's overwhelming the impact that a link from Andrew Sullivan will have on traffic at a humble site like Citizen Cain. Thanks Daily Dish! Thanks also posters for the great discussion on the Brokeback Mountain post.

I see that Mickey Kaus has had a conversation with Robert Wright, in which Kaus no longer explains his lack of enthusiasm for seeing Brokeback Mountain on his need to see an attractive female lead. He now, much more plausibly, states that it's because he finds witnessing homosexual sex and romance to be repellent. Glad we cleared that up. Less plausibly, Kaus speculates that his aversion is genetically based; Wright makes mincemeat out of that argument.

And no, I don't think that Kaus should be driven out of polite society for his views, or that he hates gay people, or that he is psychologically diseased. The Malcontent should calm down. I'm just trying to sort through some very confused-seeming posts by Mickey Kaus to try and see what really is bugging him about Brokeback Mountain. And yes, I made fun of him a bit-- something that someone who can dish it out like he does should be able to take.

Now that Kaus has come clean, I'll leave him alone.