Thursday, December 29, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson Must Be Stopped!

VDH's latest column at NRO is up to his usual vile standard. Try to match this sentence for laziness of thought, foolishness, and just plain crappy writing:
Those in our media circus who deliver our truth can't weld, fix a car, shoot a gun, or do much of anything other than run around looking for scoops about how incompetent things are done daily in Iraq under the most trying of circumstances.
Sheesh. You hear that, John Burns? Quit running around Baghad looking for scoops and weld something, for chrissakes.

Or this:
there is a sort of arrogant smugness that has taken hold in the West at large. Read the papers about an average day in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Detroit, or even in smaller places like Fresno. The headlines are mostly the story of mayhem — murder, rape, arson, and theft. Yet, we think Afghanistan is failing or Iraq hopeless when we watch similar violence on television, as if they do such things and we surely do not.
Is he really this dumb? Can he not tell the difference between a crime problem in a stable, functioning society and an insurgency that threatens to erupt into civil war, or anarchy?