Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bush-Made Catastrophe

From Jenifer Moses's Washington Post op-ed today.
though Congress passed a $29 billion aid package for the Gulf Coast region, it's being split between Mississippi and Louisiana, perhaps because, even though Mississippi has fewer than one-fifth the number of affected households Louisiana does, its governor, Haley Barbour, an ex-Republican National Committee chairman, is a pal of the president.
Maybe also because a lot of the displaced people in Louisiana are Democrats.
One long-term fix -- not just for residential planning but for flood control in general -- is restoring Louisiana's wetlands, which in the olden days acted as a natural buffer to storm surges, and without which none of South Louisiana would have been inhabited in the first place. But no one's talking much about the wetlands, perhaps because the subject is too, well, environmental. (And we know how the Bush administration regards the environment.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bush rebuilding policy-- help out the Republicans and screw the rest, ignore the environmental roots of the problem, nickel and dime the rebuilding of the levees-- oh yes, and make promises you have no intention of keeping.