Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Citizen Cain Gets Results: Christmas Tree Edition

Southsiders can in fact get their Christmas trees recycled.  My previous post, relying on the Chicago Park District web site, reported that the Park District was offering Christmas tree recycling at only six locations, all on the North Side.  But La Citoyenne contacted the Park District and found out that in fact they are offering Christmas tree recycling at 23 locations, including ten on the South Side (defined as anything South of Madison).  The correct information is here.  The incorrect information was here, but was updated just this afternoon.  I didn’t get a screen capture, so you’ll just have to trust me that until this afternoon there were only 6 locations listed, all North Side.  Could it be that Citizen Cain’s bold reportage prompted the Park District to correct its site?

While not commensurate with the South Side’s area, this level of service is acceptable and isn’t the outrage that my previous post had described.