Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Classy Dick Cheney

What a classy guy Dick Cheney is.  Completely takes responsibility for shooting his friend in the face.  Won’t hear of any suggestion that it was the victim’s fault.  So Brave and so Manly that John Podhoretz can’t but sing his praises.

Of course, a really brave and manly man, a man taking responsibility for his actions, might not have let Katherine Armstrong issue a statement blaming the victim, and might not have allowed that statement to stand for three days as the only official account of what happened.  He might not have, in his taking-blame interview, have recommended Armstrong’s perspective as the truest one.  He might not have allowed Scott McClellan to blame the victim, and might not have had Mary Matalin publicly declare that he, the Vice President, did nothing wrong and broke no rules.  

But I quibble.  How can anyone possibly question the Veep’s character now.? How can anyone wonder if maybe he’s not telling the full truth after this brave and manly performance?  After all, what could he possibly be hiding?